Maruti Fertochem Ltd. is manufacturing various grades of NPK Fertilisers as per the requirement of farmer and the crop. Maruti has varied grades formulated as per the need of crops like 10:20:20 for Sugarcane, 14:06:21 for Areca Nut, 16:12:16 for Coffee & Tea Plantation and other grades for different crops, which gives the best nutrient diet for the crops. NPK is the combination of Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium. Following is the product range of Maruti –

 Inorganic Fertilisers

 18: 18:10           10:20:10
 20:20:00            14:06:21
 20:10:10            16:12:16
 10:20:20            15:05:05
 17:17:17            19:19:19 (Water Soluble)

Apart from chemical fertilisers, it is necessary to apply organic soil conditioners and organic fertilisers to the plants and crops. Maruti offers the following organic fertilisers. These fertilisers not only enrich the soil properties but help to provide the required nutrients to plants in organic form. Now a days, organic farming has become a necessity and our product Neem Gold is ECOCERT certified product approved for Organic Farming.

Organic Fertilisers / Soil Conditioner
Neem Gold 

Our sister concern Neem India Products Pvt. Ltd. is manufacturing neem based products which Maruti is marketing through its network of Dealers & Distributors. The neem-based pesticides are giving very good results and they are eco-friendly. These products are being exported to many countries.

Natural Pesticides

Neemraj-300 PPM
Neemraj-1500 PPM
Neemraj Super -3000 PPM
Neemraj Supreme – 10000 PPM
Neem Drop (Pure Neem Kernel Oil)

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